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Adding a Remote Module to a Deep Sea Electronics Control Module, DSE 7320 MK2

A DSE 25xx MK2 Remote Display Module can be added to your Deep Sea Electronics module. This can also be used to control your Diesel Generator remotely.

These settings can only be changed on the Deep Sea Electronics Configuration Suite which can be downloaded from their website.

The DSE 25xx MK2 module can be added in the Remote Display section listed within the Communications section as shown below.


The first option is to Enable or Disable the Remote Display.

There is also an option for what action should be taken should the connection be lost between the two modules. This can be set to Electrical Trip, Shutdown or Warining.

Electrical Trip - This will remove the load from the Diesel Generator and stop the Engine once the cooling period has passed.

Shutdown - The load will be removed from the Diesel Generator and the Engine will stop immediately.

Warning - A warning will be sounded but the Diesel Generator will not be shutdown.

The connection port will need selecting. This can be either RS485 or RS232.

Once the Remote Display Module is added, the way this operates can now be modified in the Expansion section of the DSE Configuration Suite pictured below.


The first option is simply to Enable or Disable the expansion. If the expansion is enabled the following options are available.

The Link Lost Alarm Action, is the same as listed above in the previous section with the same options Electrical Trip, Shutdown or Warning.

Control Buttons Enable, if this is enabled the expansion module will act as a complete mimic/control module of the primary control module. If not selected, the expansion module will simply act as a remote display module.

If the Sounder Enable option is not enabled the expansion module's internal sounder will not be active.

By selecting the Follow Main Unit any other connected DSE2548 modules and the host module will perform a lamp test/mute alarm if the mute alarm/lamp test button is pressed.

The Auto Mute Timer Enable option will mean that the internal sounder is automatically muted after the period of time determined below. It will also stop sounding if the mute button is pressed. If this option is not selected the internal sounder will only stop once muted manually.