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All About the Stamford PI734D1 Alternator

What is the Stamford PI734D1 Alternator?

The Stamford PI734D1 alternator is a mid range alternator within the P7 series. It is highly efficient and has good electrical performances. This makes it a preferred choice for grid code applications and combined heat and power. The PI734D1 is also a proven and well respected alternator within the marine industry.

The excitation system used on the alternator is a PMG system.

Where is the PI734D1 Alternator currently manufactured?

The PI734D1 alternator is manufactured in Craiova (Romania), Wuxi (China) and Stamford (UK).

Further information on where Stamford manufacture each of their alternators can be found here.

What is the power rating of the Stamford PI734D1 Alternator?

At 50 Hz, the maximum standby power output is 1770 kVA and the maximum prime power output is 1650 kVA. The power factor for this alternator is 0.8.

Where can I find further information on the Stamford PI734D1 Alternator?

The total weight of the alternator is 3318 kg (single bearing). The shipping weight of the alternator is 3391 kg and the size of the shipping crate used for this alternator is 216 x 105 x 154 cm.

The material insulation system for the PI734D1 alternator is class and the ingress protection class is IP23.

How is the quality of the PI734D1 Alternator assured?

The PI734D1 alternator is quality assured by the certification ISO 9001. Therefore the production procedures are continually monitored and kept at a high standard.