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All About the Stamford N15G4 Alternator

What is the Stamford N15G4 Alternator?

The Stamford N15G4 is a part of the up to date NEWAGE range. It is a four pole, three phase alternator which uses a self exciting excitation system. This alternator is a popular choice for many small power and standby power applications due to its reliability and optimised power density.

Where is the Stamford N15G4 Alternator currently manufactured?

The Stamford N15G4 alternator is currently manufactured in Italy.

To learn more about where Stamford manufacture their products, click here.

What is the power rating of the Stamford N15G4 Alternator?

The maximum standby power output is 16.5 kVA and the maximum prime power output is 15 kVA (both at 50 Hz).

Where can I find further information on the Stamford N15G4 Alternator?

The IP rating of the alternator is IP 23.

The material insulation system on this alternator is class H.

The weight of the single bearing alternator is 78 kg.

How is the quality of the Stamford N15G4 Alternator assured?

The alternator is manufactured to the production quality standard BS EN ISO 9001. Therefore the procedures through the design, manufacture and testing of the alternator are continually monitored and kept to a high standard.

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