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Controllis Twin DC Generator - Overview of System


Overview of System

The Controllis units have two generators over one fuel tank; they have only one fuel sensor. This sensor is connected to one of the generators (usually the primary) and the secondary displays the fuel level from the primary. It gets this information over the ethernet connection.

There are three reasons why the fuel levels on the primary and secondary do not match.

1. No communication between the units

If the controller is not set up correctly, so that the primary and secondary units are communicating, the fuel level may be displayed incorrectly. Refer to the setup to ensure the units are configured correctly and they can communicate.

2. Delay in the readings

The readings are not updated instantly; if the difference is small (maybe 100L on a 1100L tank) it could be waiting for an update. This difference is small and should not effect general operations.

3. Sensor on Secondary Set as fitted

To check if the sensor is fitted you need to change it on the configuration page. You can also do this on the Welland portal if you have access and telemetry available. If the sensor is set as fitted in the software and no sensor is found, then the unit may display the tank as empty (depending on the input to the pins).

The example below was taken from testing. Once the unit update and the sensor on the secondary was turned off, it corrected the reading to a value that matched the primary.

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