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What are the main component parts of a diesel generator?

What are a diesel generators main components?

The main components of a diesel generator are:

What do all the parts of a generator do?


The diesel engine

The diesel engine is the workhorse in the generator. It burns diesel fuel, to create rotary motion which is used to turn the AC alternator.

The AC Alternator

The AC alternator turns the rotary motion from the engine into electricity, which is used to power the generators load.

The Radiator

On a generator with a water cooled diesel engine, you will see a radiator.

Base frame or Base tank

 The base frame or base tank holds the weight of the diesel engine and alternator. A fuel tank may be found in the base, especially on smaller diesel generator models. You may also see anti-vibration mounts on the base frame, which help to prevent the vibration being transmitted to the frame when the engine is running.

Generator Control Panel

The generator control panel starts and stops the generator,  monitors the engine and alternator to provide monitoring, protections and control, . The control panel  and ensures everything is running correctly. It can also provide synchronizing to enable running in parallel.

It may also be used with an ATS panel for automatic mains failure operation.