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My diesel generator is emitting white smoke? Why do I get white smoke? How can I stop it?

Why do you get white smoke from a diesel engine?

White smoke from your diesel generator occurs because of un-burnt fuel in the exhaust gas or water in the fuel. The white smoke emitted is diesel that has not been combusted correctly in the engines cylinders or steam from the water in the fuel.

What are the common causes of white smoke from a diesel generator?

If the engine isn't able to combust the fuel fully, there could be a few reasons. Unlike black smoke from a diesel generator, which shows that the fuel isn't completely burnt. When white smoke is produced, it's not showing too much fuel, its just not being combusted correctly.

Something is causing it not to be burnt properly. It could be that the compression ratio isn't correct (i.e. a compression leak). If the fuel pump or injector has a problem - anything that throws off the engine timing could lead to white smoke from the diesel engine.

Water in the fuel will also cause white smoke. Water in fuel will damage your injectors and fuel system - consider fitting a racor fuel filter to remove water.

Is your smoke not white? Look at the other colours of smoke that you might see.

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