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Explained: The Baudouin 12M33 Series

Baudouin 12M33 Series Overview

The Baudouin 12M33 series are a range of high powered V12 engines offered by Baudouin. The 7 engine range includes engines running at 50 Hz and 60 Hz, with the smallest engine being the 12M33G1250/5 (50 Hz) which produces 1485.9 hp (1108 kWm) and the largest engine in the series being the 12M33G1300/6 (60 Hz) which produces 1904.3 hp (1420 kWm).

The 39.2 L V12 engines rotate anti clockwise and have a bore x stroke of 150 x 185 mm. All the engines in this range have a fuel system which uses an in line fuel injection pump with an electronic governor

Every engine in this range is turbocharged and air to air after cooled.

The 12M33 series are a good set of high powered diesel engines which can be paired with alternators to make a diesel generator. Due to the size of the engines, they would make for a good high powered diesel generator set.

Baudouin Customer Support

In addition, Baudouin provide an excellent after sales service with their products. They have a team of trained professionals located all around the world who are on hand to help with any queries you may have.

Further information on this range can be found on the attached specification sheet.

Baudouin 12M33 Series Range

Engines in this range include:


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