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What is ISO 8528-1? How does it apply to generating sets?

What is an ISO standard?

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. It is an international organization that develops and maintains standards for many different systems, products and methods. 

What is ISO 8528-1:2018?

ISO 8528-1: 2018 replaced ISO 8528:2005.

ISO 8528-1:2018 defines various classifications for the application, rating and performance of generating sets consisting of a Reciprocating Internal Combustion (RIC) engine, Alternating Current (a.c.) generator and any associated control gear, switchgear and auxiliary equipment.

ISO 8528-1:2018 applies to a.c. generating sets driven by Reciprocating Internal Combustion engines for land and marine use, excluding generating sets used on aircraft or to propel land vehicles and locomotives.

It applies most other types of generators, including low power generating sets.