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All About the Stamford UCI274D Alternator

What is a Stamford UCI274D Alternator?

The UCI274D alternator is a robust alternator which has uses within many different industries. It is part of the UC27 series of alternators which are commonly used in utility works, combined heat and power and grid code.

Alternators with similar ratings to the UCI274D include the Stamford UCI274C, the Mecc Alte ECP34 2S4 C and the Leroy Somer TAL044D.

Where is the Stamford UCI274D Alternator currently manufactured?

This alternator, along with the rest of the UC27 series, is currently manufactured in Ahmednagar (India), Craiova (Romania) and Wuxi (China).

Further information on where Stamford alternators are manufactured can be found here.

What is the power rating of the Stamford UCI274D Alternator?

Running this three phase alternator at 50 Hz will produce a maximum prime power output of 114 kVA and a maximum standby power output of 130 kVA (with a power factor of 0.8).

Where can I get further information on a UCI274D Alternator?

The excitation system for this alternator is either self exciting or via PMG. Choosing the PMG excitation method will provide the choice of the MX321 or MX341 AVR, where as the self exciting unit comes with the option of the SX460 or AS440 AVR.

The complete weight of the alternator is 431 kg and the shipping weight is 458 kg. The size of the shipping crate for the alternator is 105 x 67 x 103 cm.

The insulation system for the UCI274D is class H.

How is the quality of a UCI274D Alternator assured?

As with all Stamford products, the UCI274D has been manufactured in line with the BS EN ISO 9001 certification.