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How to turn Mains Failure Detection On and Off in a DSE 7320 Control panel

Why do I need to change mains failure detection in a 7320 MK 2 control panel?

Mains failure detection and its requirement to be on or off depends on the way in which the panel is used. While there may be other instances where the panel should be used in either state, the most common reason is the variation on the ATS.

For ATS panels that have in built mains detection, the mains detection should be turned off. For ATS panels without mains detection, the mains failure detection should be turned on.

How do I toggle the mains failure detection?

The mains failure detection can be triggered using the free Deep Sea Electronics software. Once you have a copy of the DSE software, connect the controller to your PC and read the current configuration. You should navigate to Configuration -> Mains -> Mains Options.

You will see the screen:

You can toggle the highlighted option for mains failure detection as required. You should then write this back to your controller.