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Explained: The Baudouin 4M11 Series

Baudouin 4M11 Series Overview

The Baudouin 4M11 Series is the second smallest diesel generator range that Baudouin offer. At the bottom end of the range is the 4M11G70/5 engine (50 Hz) which produces 88.5 hp (66 kWm) and at the other end of the range is the 4M11G106/6 engine (60 Hz) which produces 158.2 hp (118 kWm). The most powerful engine to still run at 50 Hz is the 4M11G120/5 which produces 144.8 hp (108 kWm). This range includes some engines that run at 50 Hz and others that run at 60 Hz.

This 4.5L engine range all have 4 in line cylinders and rotate anti clockwise. The bore x stroke is 105 x 130 mm on all engines. Every engine in the range also uses a mechanical pump for there mechanical system with an electronic governor (some engines also have the option of mechanical governor).

All engines in this range have a turbocharger whilst the two largest from the range are also air to air after cooled.

One of these engines can be paired with an alternator to create a generator. It would make for a very robust and reliable generator which could be used for power production in a wide variety of industries.

Baudouin Customer Support

Baudouin are able to provide top class service and maintenance to your engine due to their worldwide team of certified experts who are at your disposal. They are trained to have knowledge in a variety of fields including technical information and genuine spare parts.

The attached file includes the specification sheet of this range which includes extra information.

Baudouin 4M11 Series Range

This range includes the following engines: