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Explained: The Baudouin 6M21 Series

Baudouin 6M21 Series Overview

The 6M21 series from Baudouin is a robust all round set of diesel engines which are ideal for a diesel generator set. The 6M21G385/5 is the smallest engine in the range with a power of 516.3 hp (385 kWm) whilst the biggest engine in the range is the 6M21G400/6 which produces 616.9 hp (460 kWm).

The 6 cylinder engine has a displacement of 12.54 L and rotates anti clockwise. The bore x stroke dimensions of this range is 127 x 165 mm. Most engines in this range make use of a mechanical fuel injection system however the two biggest engines in the range use a common rail fuel injection system.

The engines in this range are all turbocharged and air to air after cooled for their aspiration.

The 6M21 engines are a good small to medium sized engine to be used in the power generation industry. To increase the power generated the generators can be placed in parallel with one another,

Baudouin Customer Support

Baudouin engines have a world class service and maintenance which is delivered by Baudouin's worldwide team of certified technicians who are on hand to help 24/7.

For more information on this series, see the attached specification sheet.

Baudouin 6M21 Series Range

Engines in this series include: