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Paint Colours - Welland Products and Suppliers Common Colours

Welland use/have used the following colours:

Colour RAL/BS Code Common Uses Additional
Black RAL 9011 Stamford Alternators, Black Primer
Grey RAL 7021 Mecc Alte Alternators, Standard Finish

Duras Bar 130

Product EAHA114

Perkins 2206/2506/2806 Engines, Undercoat

RAL 7042

Custom canopies, build pre 2010

RAL 7030

Stamford Primer

RAL 9910

Hipca White, Welland Power Coated Canopies (Pre-2022) Very Close in Colour to RAL 9010

RAL 9010

Pure White, Welland Canopies Mid 2022-Onwards Very Close in Color to RAL 9910

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