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Remote Monitoring Options with Deep Sea Electronics Controllers (DSE)- Basic Guide

Deep Sea Electronics controllers offer a range of support and monitoring options for your diesel generator. If you want to communicate with your phone, over the internet, using dial up or integrate the unit into a building management system, the Deep Sea range has the options for you. This page summarizes the more common options, how they work and the hardware you require.

From 2020, Welland Power fits DSE 7320 modules, as standard to every generator, meaning you can utilize the full range of expansion options.

Generator to DSE Webnet

The DSE Webnet is an online portal for monitoring your generator. This allows for remote monitoring from your phone or online any number of units. For this you need a DSE 890 (4G connectivity), a 4G data SIM card or DSE 891 (Ethernet only).

Generator to Building Management System (BMS)

A building management system is used for large and complex buildings to monitor and control the buildings services. Most large buildings with generators will want to connect the BMS to the diesel generator.

Normally, this is done using an RS485 port. The DSE 7320 has a RS485 port as standard.

Generator to PC using TCP/IP over Ethernet

If you have generators on site, or remotely, you can monitor them using TCP/IP (over your local area network or across the internet). For this you need an Ethernet port. The DSE 7320 does not have an Ethernet port as standard, but you can use an expansion module like the DSE 855 to add this capability. The DSE 7420 and DSE 8610 for example do have Ethernet ports as standard, but using the DSE 855 is often more economical. 

Generator Local Remote Control

For local generator remote control use the DSE Configuration Suite software connected directly to the module using USB. You don't need any additional hardware, but you are limited to about 10m distance because of the USB standard. For longer range use one of the above solutions, either TCP/IP over ethernet , or DSE Webnet.

A secondary option is to use a mimic module. A mimic module is a second module, connected over RS485 that mimics the DSE controller on the generator. RS485 supports a data connection up to 2KM, which is ideal for larger sites and where you want to monitor the generator from a control room. DSE Webnet is however preferred, but a mimic module is still a good option in some situations.


SMS Notifications / Remote Control Over GSM

For Remote control over GSM and / or SMS, then you need a RS232 modem which connects to the RS232 port on the control module. The RS232 modem needs to be configured and you will also need a Data Sim. This is an older solution, it is no longer recommended, use DSE Webnet instead.