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All About the Mecc Alte ECO38 1L4 A Alternator

What is the Mecc Alte ECO38 1L4 A Alternator?

The Mecc Alte ECO38 1L4 A is a three phase, four pole brushless AC alternator from the ECO38 range. It has a versatile design and can provide a near constant supply of power when it is working in its operating conditions. The windings have a 2/3 pitch which helps to reduce the harmonic content of voltage and the excitation system used is an auxiliary wound system.

If you're looking for a Stamford alternator with a similar rating check out Stamford's UCDI274K or S4L1D-C41.

Where is the ECO38 1L4 A Alternator currently manufactured?

The ECO38 1L4 A is made in China, UK, India and Italy.

For more information on where Mecc Alte manufacture their alternators, click here.

What is the power rating of the ECO38 1L4 A Alternator?

Using this alternator at 50 Hz will produce a prime power output of 250 kVA and a standby power output of 275 kVA. The alternator has a power factor of 0.8.

Where can I find further information on the Mecc Alte ECO38 1L4 A Alternator?

The protection rating of this alternator is IP23.

The insulation class of the alternator is class H.

The complete weight of the alternator is 692 kg.

How is the quality of the Mecc Alte ECO38 1L4 A Alternator assured?

The alternator is produced to the production quality standard ISO 9001. This ensures that the product delivered will be of a goof quality and fit the needs of the customer.