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All About the Stamford PI044D Alternator

What is a Stamford PI044D alternator?

The Stamford PI044D is part of the P0/P1 Stamford alternator series. Alternators within this series are mainly used for smaller power applications and in the telecom industries.

Where is the Stamford PI044D Alternator currently manufactured?

This alternator is manufactured in Wuxi, China -  click here to find out where other Stamford alternators are manufactured. 

What is the power rating for the Stamford PI044D Alternator?

When using a three phase configuration at 50 Hz the PI044D has a standby power output of 8.3 kVA and a prime power output of 7.5 kVA. The voltage range for this alternator at 50 Hz is 380-440 volts and the material insulation class of the alternator is H.

Where can I get further information on a PI044D alternator?

This alternator uses a standard AS480 AVR and has a self excited excitation system with the option of an excitation boost system (EBS). 

The alternator has standard clockwise rotation when viewed from the drive end.

The packing crate dimensions for this alternator are 71 x 51 x 67 cm and the packing weight is 92 kg (single bearing, with EBS).

How is the quality of a PI044D alternator assured?

This alternator is quality assured to the BS EN ISO 9001 quality management standard. This means the production of the alternator is continually monitored and managed to ensure that it is kept to the high standards set by Stamford.