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All About the Stamford PI144D Alternator

What is a Stamford PI144D Alternator?

The Stamford PI144D is a mid sized alternator from the P0/P1 series of alternators. Its versatility means it is capable of being used for a variety small power and standby power applications.

Where is the Stamford PI144D Alternator currently manufactured?

As of January 2020, this alternator is manufactured in Wuxi, China. More information can be found here on the location on where Stamford alternators are manufactured.

What is the power rating of the Stamford PI144D Alternator? 

When the three phase model is ran at 50 Hz it can produce a prime power of 20 kVA and standby power of 22 kVA. This power can be outputted over a range of voltages from 380 to 440 volts.

Where can I get further information on a PI144D Alternator?

This alternator uses a self exciting excitation system with an AS480 AVR control system. It also comes with the option of an excitation boost system (EBS).

The alternator rotates clockwise as standard when viewed from the drive end. 

The shipping weight of the single bearing with EBS model is 138 kg which arrives in a shipping crate with dimensions 71 x 51 x 67.

How is the quality of a PI144D Alternator assured?

All Stamford products are quality assured to make sure that they are built to a high standard to satisfy customer demands. As a company Stamford are always striving to improve their products to improve their performance.

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