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All About the Stamford PI144H Alternator

What is the Stamford PI144H Alternator?

The PI144H alternator is a versatile unit from the P0/P1 range of Stamford alternators. The PI144H can be used for a variety of low power applications and is used in industries such as the telecom industry.

Where is the Stamford PI144H Alternator currently manufactured?

Similarly to the rest of the alternators in the range the PI144H is manufactured in Wuxi (China). Click here to find out more information on the locations of where Stamford alternators are manufactured.

What is the power rating of the Stamford PI144H Alternator?

The standby power output for this three phase alternator is 38.5 kVA and prime power output 35 kVA (50 Hz). The voltage output in the 50 Hz setup is 380-440 volts. 

Where can I get further information on a PI144H Alternator?

As viewed from the drive end, the standard rotation for the alternator is clockwise.

The excitation system used on this alternator is a self exciting system and an AS480 AVR control system with the option of an excitation boost system (EBS).

When shipping this alternator, the shipping weight is 191 kg and the dimensions of the shipping container are 85 x 51 x 67 cm.

How is the quality of a PI144H Alternator assured?

Stamford alternators are made to fit the criteria of the ISO 9001 quality assurance certification. This ensures that Stamford alternators will meet the demands of the customer and Stamford as a company will strive to improve their products as much as they can.