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The Stamford HC5/HCI5 Alternator Series

What is the Stamford HC5/HCI5 Alternator series?

The Stamford HC5/HCI5 alternator series provides high electrical efficiency making it a versatile choice for many applications such as grid code and critical standby power. The unique design and power range of the series also means this series can be used for railway applications. The alternators in this range come with a PMG system option.

Where is the HC5/HCI5 Alternator series manufactured?

The HC5/HCI5 is manufactured in Ahmednagar (India), Wuxi (China), Stamford (UK) and Craiova (Romania) as of January 2020.

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What is the power rating of the HC5/HCI5 Alternator series?

The HC5/HCI5 delivers voltage output between 380 volts to 690 volts and has a maximum continuous power rating of 843 kVA at 60 Hz and 675 kVa at 50Hz.

What Alternators are included in this series?

Alternators within this range include: