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All About the Stamford PI734B1 Alternator

What is the Stamford PI734B1 Alternator?

The Stamford PI734B1 Alternator is one of the smaller alternators from the P7 range. Being part of the P7 range means it is a highly efficient alternator with good electrical capabilities. This alternator is most commonly used in the marine industry, grid code applications and combined heat and power.

The PI734B1 alternator is excited by a PMG excitation system.

Where is the PI734B1 currently manufactured?

As with the rest of the P7 series, this alternator is currently manufactured in Stamford (UK), Craiova (Romania) and Wuxi (China).

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What is the power rating of the Stamford PI734B1 Alternator?

At 50 Hz this alternator will generate a maximum of 1500 kVA of standby power and 1400 kVA of prime power. The voltage output range is 380 to 440 volts.

Where can I find further information on the Stamford PI734B1 Alternator?

The complete weight of the single bearing alternator is 2760 kg and the total shipping weight is 2833 kg. The size of the shipping crate is 194 x 105 x 154 cm.

The insulation system for this alternator is class H.

How is the quality of the Stamford PI734B1 Alternator assured?

As with all Stamford alternators, the production of the PI734B1 is quality assured to the ISO 9001 certification. This means that the production procedures are continually monitored and kept to a high standard.