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All About the Stamford PI144F Alternator

What is a Stamford PI144F Alternator?

The PI144F is a part of the P0/P1 alternator range from Stamford. It is an ideal alternator to use for standby applications as well as smaller power applications.

Where is the Stamford PI144F Alternator currently manufactured?

As of January 2020 this series of engines are manufactured in Wuxi, China. Further information on where Stamford alternators are manufactured can be found here.

What is the power rating of the PI144F Alternator?

The three phase model of this alternator will produce 30.3 kVA of standby power and 27.5 kVA of prime power when running at 50 Hz. The output voltage range when running at 50 Hz is 380-440 volts. The standard rotation for this alternator is clockwise when looked at from the drive end.

Where can I get further information on a PI144F Alternator?

This alternator using a self exciting excitation system and an AS480 AVR control system with the optional extra of an excitation boost system (EBS).

The dimensions for the shipping container are 85 x 51 x 67 cm with a shipping weight of 161 kg (single bearing with EBS).

The insulation class for the insulation system is class H.

How is the quality of a PI144F Alternator assured?

Stamford manufacture all their products to the ISO 9001 quality assurance standard. Therefore all Stamford alternators can be purchased with the confidence that they will meet your demands and be of a top quality.