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The Stamford HC6/HCI6 Alternator Series

What is the Stamford HC6/HCI6 Series?

The HC6/HCI6 Stamford alternator series has been designed for high current applications making it popular to use in commercial buildings, power plants and auxiliary power requirements for wind farms among others. Alternators in this system come standard with a PMG system.

Where is the Stamford HC6/HCI6 Series currently manufactured?

This series of alternators are manufactured in Wuxi (China), Stamford (UK) and Craiova (Romania) as of January 2020.

Need a generator? Our UK made diesel generators include this range of Stamford alternators.

What is the power rating of the HC6/HCI6 Series?

The voltage output for the HC6/HCI6 alternator series is 346-600 volts and the maximum continuous rating is 1270 kVA at 60 Hz and 1230 kVA at 50 Hz.

What alternators are included in the HC6/HCI6 Series?

Alternators within this series include: