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deployment.sqllite3 database file

What is the deployment.sqllite3 file?

This small database file, typically only 100kb in size is the configuration databse that sits on the external memory card of the RSC-HMU controller.

How can I access the deployment.sqllite3 file?

You can access the file by putting the memory card into any SD card reader and using a program to read it. I would suggest the SQl Lite Browser tool. Ensure the HSC-HMU data card is of a supported type.

Downloads - DB Browser for SQLite (

Where can I get copies of the deployment.sqllite3 database?

For duel generator deployments, here are some default settings attached for the primate and secondary in duel generator configuration. They still require setup using site name and other applicable settings as required.

You need to rename these files before copying to the SD memory card as deployment.sqllite3