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What type of AVR do I need? Can you identify my AVR? List of AVR types for diesel generators.

What type of AVR do I need?

An Automatic Voltage Regulator or AVR, controls and maintains the voltage of the alternator in your diesel generator. Without an AVR or another system to perform the same function, the voltage would not be constant at steady state and wouldn't recover to the correct level under load.

The AVR depends on the manufacturer of your generator. On this page the AVR's are listed by manufacturer and then by model. If you know the manufacturer, you can click on the link below. If not you can scroll down and view the images and see which AVR if the type you require.

What about fake AVR's?

Controlling the voltage correctly on a diesel generator is an important job. An AVR ranges in price from about £100 ($140) to, at the top end, about £2000 ($3000). It simply is not worth putting a fake AVR onto your generator - you bought it to give you reliable power - a counterfeit AVR will not only jeopardize the quality of power, but also risk fire if the AVR isn't correct designed. Be safe - buy genuine.

List of AVR types by manufacturer

  1. Stamford, Stamford AVK, Newage, Cummins Generator Technologies
  2. Mecc Alte
  3. Leroy Somer

Stamford, Stamford AVK, Cummins Generator Technologies, Newage

Stamford SX460

The mighty Stamford SX460 - probably the most supplied AVR in the world. This AVR was used in Stamford and Newage machines, in particular the BCI164, BCI184, UC224 and UC274 series. You can buy a Stamford SX460 here, read more about the SX460 AVR here or read about the SX460 technical specifications.


Stamford AS440

The Stamford AS440 is one of the most widely used self-excited AVR's in the Stamford range. Offered as an upgrade to the SX460 on the UC22 and UC27 range and supplied as standard with the HC4, HC5, S4 and S5. Read more about the AS440 technical specification.


Stamford AS480

The AS480 is a self-excited AVR that has been built solely for use on the P0 and P1 range of Alternators. This can be used in conjunction with an Excitation Boost System (EBS) to improve the motor starting capabilities. Find out more about the technical capabilities of the AS480.


Stamford MX341

The MX341 is the entry level AVR for Stamford's Alternators excited by a Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG). This AVR is supplied as standard on a P7 Alternator and is also available on UC22, UC27, HC4, S4, HC5, S5, HC6 and S6 Alternators. Read about the MX341 technical information here.


Stamford MX321

The MX321 is an AVR for use with Stamford Alternators excited by a Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG). This AVR is supplied as standard on a HC6 Alternator and is also available on UC22, UC27, HC4, S4, HC5, S5, P7 and S7 Alternators. Read about the MX321 technical information here.


Mecc Alte

Leroy Somer, Nidec