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Changing the language on a Deep Sea Electronics Control Module

Deep Sea Electronics offer different language options for both their DSE Configuration Suite and many of their DSE Control Modules. It is very simple to change the language of the DSE Configuration Suite and the Control Module.

Before you can change anything you must download the DSE Configuration Suite.

You must also download the language files for the DSE Control Module you are using.


Once these are both downloaded you can install the relevant language file.

Firstly you will need to open the Local Disk folder, which is found in This Computer directory using the File Explorer.

You will then need to select the folder named Program Files, then Deep Sea Electronics plc, followed by DSE Configuration Suite and finally Language Files.

The language file you require should then be copied into this folder.

The language file will be installed to the Control Module by opening the DSE Configuration Suite and connecting the Control Module with the USB Data Cable.

While in the DSE Configuration Suite you can check the authority required to change the language of a module. This can be changed in the Configurable Front Panel Editor section.


The language can now be changed on the Control Module.

For this to be done you must make sure the Engine is at rest, this can be done by pressing the STOP button on the controller, this is the Red Button.

The Main Configurator is then accessed by pressing the STOP button and the TICK button together.

If a security PIN has been set you will have to enter this now. If you are unsure of the PIN you should contact your Diesel Generator Manufacturer.

Now press the RIGHT arrow to cycle through the categories, you will need to find the DISPLAY category and to select this using the TICK button.

Now scroll to the LANGUAGE category, again selecting it using the TICK button. You can now scroll through the languages you have installed on the module and select the language you require that was previously installed.