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Enabling and Disabling Sleep Mode on a Deep Sea Electronics Control Module

Deep Sea Electronics Contol Modules have built in sleep mode that is similar to that found commonly on many electrical devices. The purpose of this is for power saving as the sleep mode is essentially a low current mode.

The Sleep Mode Timer is configurable to any time required between 2 seconds and 1 hour.

To enable or disable the Sleep Mode function on your Deep Sea Electronics control module, the first thing you will need to do is download the Deep Sea Electronics Configuration Suite.

You will then need to connect your DSE Control Module to your Computer using the correct USB cable.

The Sleep Mode setting is located in the Miscellaneous Options section within the Module category as pictured below.


The timer to activate Sleep Mode is configurable within the Module Timers section located withing the Timers folder. This can be seen below.


Please Note:

-Sleep Mode is disabled when any of the USB, RS232 or RS485 communication ports are in use

-Sleep Mode is disabled when the Control Module is data logging

Sleep Mode is disabled when a DSE25xx remote display module is connected to the primary control module