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The Leroy Somer LSA42.3 Alternator Series

What is the Leroy Somer LSA42.3 Series?

The Leroy Somer LSA42.3 series is a range of compact and efficient alternators that have been designed to be used for a variety of typical generator applications, such as telecommunications, backup and marine.

The alternators in this range use a shunt excitation system as standard but also have the option of a PMG or auxiliary wound (AREP) excitation system.

Where is the Leroy Somer LSA42.3 Series currently manufactured?

The LSA42.3 alternator series is currently manufactured in the Czech Republic.

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What is the power rating of the Leroy Somer LSA42.3 Series?

The prime power output of the alternators in this series ranges from 25 kVA to 60 kVA whilst the standby power output ranges from 27.5 kVA to 66 kVA. All alternators in the range have a power factor of 0.8.

What alternators are included in the Leroy Somer LSA42.3 Series?

Alternators in this series are:

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