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How often should I test my backup diesel generator? How do I keep my back generator reliable?

How do I keep my back generator reliable?

Keeping your standby diesel generator reliable and ready to provide power when you need it is all about testing and maintenance. Following a maintenance regime as recommended by the manufacturer is key to keeping it running to its maximum life and a structured testing regime is also required to verify the system and check for any problems.

How often should I test my backup diesel generator?

Verifying your diesel generators operation should be done regularly to make sure its ready for use. Its important to make sure that the whole system works as required - otherwise some of the parts you haven't tested might let you down. If a single part of the system lets you down, you might not have any backup power and you won't realise until its too late!

Testing depends on your requirements and budget - testing takes time and money. Like every other aspect of your business the limiting factors will determine your testing regime.

So how often do we suggest? For most applications testing monthly might be sufficient - monthly testing should be done on load - preferably when the load is high. Diesel generators don't like to be run on low load and constantly starting and testing on low load will cause damage to your diesel engine.

if you consider your backup power solution to be critical - why invest in one if you don't - then weekly would be recommended with monthly on load.

A typical test run over a month might look like this.

Week Number Test off Load Test On Load Test ATS Panel Inspect All Visible Wiring and Connections
1 5 mins     Yes
2   15 mins   Yes
3 5 mins     Yes
4   15 mins Yes Yes
5 5 mins     Yes

Regular testing and inspection will help ensure your diesel generator investment pays off over the long term.

Then annually we would recommended a full 110% load bank test for one hour minimum and external inspection to ensure everything is running correctly.

You would also need to service your generator as per the recommended service intervals. Combining the testing after the services have been completed will ensure you have not created any issues while servicing the diesel generator.