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All About the Stamford S0L1-L1 Alternator

What is a Stamford S0L1-L1 Alternator?

The Stamford S0L1-L1 is an alternator from the Stamford range S0/S1. This range builds upon the already impressive P0/P1 range by having a more compact and weight saving in design but still delivering the same Stamford quality.

Where is the Stamford S0L1-L1 Alternator currently manufactured?

As of January 2020, this range of alternators is manufactured in Ranjangaon (India) and Wuxi (China). 

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What is the power rating of the Stamford S0L1-L1 Alternator?

The three phase S0L1-L1 is capable of producing 13.8 kVA at standby power and 12.5 kVA of prime power (at 50 Hz with a power factor of 0.8. This makes this alternator ideal for many smaller power applications.

Where can I find further information on a Stamford S0L1-L1 Alternator?

This alternator has a complete weight of 85.3 kg and it is shipped in a packing crate with dimensions of 93 x 59 x 76 cm. 

For the excitation system, this alternator is self exciting and comes with a standard AS540 AVR control system.

How is the quality of a S0L1-L1 Alternator assured?

As with all Stamford products, this alternator is manufactured to high standards to make sure that the best quality product can be delivered to the customer. All of their production is in line with BS EN ISO 9001.