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The Mecc Alte ECO40 Alternator Series

What is the Mecc Alte ECO40 Series?

The ECO40 Series is a powerful range of three phase, four pole brushless AC alternators made by Mecc Alte. Alternators in this range are very reliable and can provide an almost constant supply of power at any of its operating conditions.

The alternators in this range use an auxiliary wound excitation system as standard, however a PMG excitation system is also available on this alternator.

Where is the Mecc Alte ECO40 Series currently manufactured?

This series of alternators are currently manufactured in India, China, UK and Italy.

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What is the power rating of the Mecc Alte ECO40 Series?

Alternators in this range have a maximum standby power output of 440 kVA to 825 kVA.

What alternators are included in the Mecc Alte ECO40 Series?

The alternators in this series include: