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Setting the Mecc Alte DSR Stability

Initial Setting

The STAB (Stability) setting on the Mecc Alte ECP range of alternators using a DSR AVR should be set initially according to the setting in the DSR Manual. As of the date of this article, the initial suggested settings for the DSR are:

Model Setting
ECP3-1S/4 6
ECP3-2S/4 5.5
ECP3-1L/4 5
ECP3-2L/4 6
ECP3-3L/4 6.5
ECP28-M/4 5.5
ECP28-1L/4 5.5
ECP28-2L/4 7
ECP28-VL/4 7
ECP32-3S/4 6
ECP32-1L/4 7.5
ECP32-2L/4 8
ECP32-3L/4 8.5
ECP32-4L/4 8.5
ECP34-1S/4 7.5
ECP34-2S/4 6.5
ECP34-1L/4 8.5
ECP34-2L/4 8.5
ECO38-1SN/4 9
ECO38-2SN/4 9
ECO38-3SN/4 8.5
ECO38-1LN/4 8.5
ECO38-2LN/4 8

Further Adjustment

If the voltage appears to be unstable, it can be adjusted further from these settings.

The idea of setting the stability is that when complete the pot should be just away from unstable. This needs to be set with no load and while the machine is running.

** NOTE: The AVR terminals will be live, therefore only persons correctly trained should perform these sets and appropriate protective equipment should be worn and the correct tools used. **

Firstly turn the STAB pot slowly clockwise until the machine becomes unstable, then rotate is anti-clockwise until the stability is set. The machine is then set at the correct position.

Disturbing Loads

As with all generators, it is perfectly possible for the cause of the instability to come from the load connected to the machine and not the alternator. In this case the adjustment of the stability will not correct the issue and reference should be made to the correct sizing of the generator to accommodate the disturbing loads in the system.