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What are the SR7 Technical Specifications? What protections does it have?

What is a Mecc Alte SR7 AVR?

The Mecc Alte SR7 AVR is an analogue Automatic Voltage Regulator. This was used on a wide range of the Mecc Alte AC Alternators prior to their move towards digital AVR's.

The primary function of the AVR is to maintain the voltage during steady state loads and transient conditions when load is applied to a Diesel Generator. For further information you can read about what happens when you apply load to the alternator.

What protections does the Mecc Alte SR7 have built in?

The SR7 operates low frequency protection. This would monitor the frequency of the output voltage and send a control signal to correct the issue.

The SR7 also protects against Overload. The overload protection will also protect the alternator from over-excitation.

Where can I get Technical Specifications from?

The technical specifications are attached below.