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Enabling Fast Loading on a Deep Sea Electronics Control Module

lease Note: The Fast Loading feature should not be used unless the correct measures are in place to make rapid start of the Diesel Engine possible. Examples of these measures would be Engine Heaters and Electronic Governor.

Fast Loading is a feature of the Deep Sea Electronics Control Modules that is used to allow the Diesel Generator to accept load in the shortest time possible.

When enabled, the module will bypass the Safety On Timer once all parameters that are being monitored have reached their normal values. This can be very useful in a standby application.

When disabled, the length of the Safety On Timer will be adhered to, regardless of any parameters or the status of any other data readings of the Diesel Generator.

This setting can only be changed using the Deep Sea Electronics Configuration Suite. This will need to be installed to your computer first and then connect your DSE Contol Module using the USB cable.

The Enable Fast Loading Feature is found within the Miscellaneous Options of the DSE Configuration Suite as shown below.